The Belmont Park Task Force Committee. 

Since 2007, various proposals to add a casino to Belmont Park have been opposed by local communities. This is our toughest fight yet. 

Our Mission

To oppose the placement of a VLT Casino or casino of any kind at Belmont Park. The questionable gains to be made in the state coffers cannot possibly outweigh the debilitating effects it will have on the surrounding communities. Most outstanding of which is the dangerous juxtaposition of this proposed site with an elementary school of 900 children ages 4-12.

The Belmont Park Task Force is a well-diversified and comprehensive group of concerned citizens with a vast array of talents. Its consists of attorneys, school board members, fire officials, law enforcement, FP trustees, and local leaders.

What We've Achieved

  • Hosted a rally on 1/12/16 with over 2000 participants, actually garnering more attendees than the State of the Union address the same night!
  • The Floral Park Village Board and the Floral Park-Bellerose Board of Education each unanimously passed a resolution in opposition to a proposed casino at Belmont Park.  See important messages from Mayor Tweedy HERE.
  • Mayor Henry Schreiber of Bellerose Village and the Bellerose Village Board and Mayor Geoffrey Prime and the South Floral Park Village Board have also joined us in opposition to the casino.  
  • Stewart Manor Mayor Gerard Tangredi as well has stated that he opposes the VLT Slot Machine Casino at Belmont.

Floral Park Village has passed a resolution voicing total opposition to this project and Mayor Tweedy has repeatedly called for support from legislators. Read here.

Local public officials and residents were heard at the Nassau County public hearing on the matter. Unfortunately, it appears to have little effect on the legislators involved.