The Belmont Park Task Force and our supporters have compiled statistics and articles with facts and information  supporting our concerns.

Nassau OTB has not submitted plans nor provided much information, but below you can learn more about this important issue, how it has effected other communities, and the potential impact on Floral Park, Elmont, Bellerose, and all of Nassau County.

Addiction by Design

The following quote is on the opening page of Addiction by Design, Machine Gambling in Las Vegas by Natasha Dow Schull, Princeton University Press, 2014. The Belmont Task Force highly recommends this book for the wealth of information contained in its pages. 

A Good Way to Wreck a Local Economy: Build a Casino

The Harm That Casinos Do

David Frum originally published this article on Tuesday September 24, 2013 on Read his contribution here. 


Take some time to watch Leslie Stahl's report on slot machines and addictive gambling. These machines are designed specifically to hook players and entice them to play more and more.

 "Whether or not it's their intention, the gambling industry is designing machines that can addict people," MIT anthropology Professor Natasha Schull told "60 Minutes" correspondent Lesley Stahl. "What addiction really has to do is with the speed of rewards. And these machines, if they're packing 1,200 hands per hour into play, you could see that as being exposed to a higher dose...Another core aspect of the addictiveness is their continuous nature. You're not interrupted by anything; you're not waiting for the horses to run, you're not waiting for the guy next to you to choose his card to put down; there's no roulette wheel spinning. It's just you and the machine. It's a continuous flow without interruption," Schull said. Quote taken from interview originally published on, see link below.

Read the report on, or watch the video below. 

Crapping Out in New York: A Sophisticated Argument

"If an industry gives us $1 and takes $3, did it really give us $1? That's because much of the social costs for gambling disorders get passed onto the public and are enormous: families who through no fault of their own end up having to rely on public assistance, the burden of unpaid debts passed onto businesses (and consumers), and money required for law enforcement to address gambling-related crimes are just some of the ways those costs are hidden from the public's view."- Dave Colavito. This quote stems from an article originally published by the Huffington Post in 2013, with fascinating insights into what casinos/gambling in NY State really means for communities and tax payers.

In Gambling Econics: Summary Facts, Professor E. Grinols, supplies the facts to support the article.

Domed roof collapse at Mount Vernon

January 23, 2016. WCBS 2 report on inflatable building roof collapse on type of sports dome Nassau OTB wants to put at Belmont Park for "temporary" 18 month+ VLT facility at a cost to Nassau taxpayers of $10M. Mount Vernon roof collapse at 657 Garden Avenue in Mount Vernon NY of inflatable sports facility much like the Nassau OTB has in mind for its temporary structure for its 1000 video lottery terminals at Belmont Park.  Is this what could happen if a temporay VLT facility is allowed at Belmont Park? 

Video lottery terminals' benefits to Nassau, Suffolk not assured

This article by David M. Schwartz published in Newsday (updated 5/2/15), lists the following numbers:

Saratoga Casino and Raceway: 1800 VLTs. 

Annual net win was $158,514,004.  Daily net win $241.27 per VLT machine. 

Over 2 million gamblers a year = $158 MILLION in revenues

Hosting community support/gains?  $1.8M MAYBE... Read more.


The Business-Economic Impacts of Licensed Casino Gambling in West Virginia: Short-Term Gain but Long-Term Pain By John Warren Kindt.

Economic Impact of Casinos on Home Prices Literature Survey and Issue Analysis NAR Research

This information shared by a website in Florida (no makes valid points regarding the broken promises and all the ills of casino gambling. Read more HERE.

Massachusetts Catholic bishops urge voters to ban casinos, slot parlors

"While betting once every 22 minutes for wagering on a dozen horse races is an example of moderation, betting over $18 billion by over 12 million gamblers at Aqueduct Resort World Casino does not..." Ann-Gerard Flynn offers a good summary of the dangers of predatory casino gambling in her article originally published on, September 15, 2014.

A statement on casino gambling by the Catholic Bishops of New York State

"When looking at potential sources for new revenue, it is the responsibility of government and the voting public to consider all of the consequences, both positive and negative. While the language on the ballot cites the hoped-for economic benefits, we feel obligated to ask for a more definitive statement as to how and where the money generated by these casinos will be spent." Read more here.